The Best Smart Plugs And Outlets For Your Home

The Best Smart Plugs And Outlets For Your Home

These days smart electronic devices are top-rated among households. Smart plugs and outlets are few of these home devices. It need special consideration while buying. The smart plugs and outlets come with many exciting features like voice control mechanism, alerts for energy used, and programmable features like schedules for the switch on and off.

Here Are Our Top Picks For The Smart Plugs And Outlets For Your Home

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

WeMo Mini smart plug is a compatible smart witch who takes minimal space in the socket. You need to add a single cap in the device. Download the app and connect it with Bluetooth. WeMo smart plug is designed for households and small offices. The cap is versatile as it is minimal and needs no maintenance. 

The main feature of the WeMo smart plug is that you can program the schedules as per your choice, and the cap integrates with almost all the platforms. The plug can be controlled with voice commands like Alexa and Siri. And require no house hub. The best feature of the WeMo caps is it Away mode — the plug switch on the dim light to give the effect as if someone is home.

The Best Smart Plugs And Outlets For Your Home

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug

TP-Link is a trusted brand when it comes to automated electronic devices. So, the Kasa Smart plug is one of the favorite products from the brand. Although the cap takes away more space in the socket, it is packed with features. The smart plug can relate to the Wi-Fi network, and you can set the timers and programs with these plugs. The caps are easy and intuitive intelligent devices for every homeowner. Although you can control the device from the Android and iOS platforms, you need no house hubs for maintaining the plugs.

One of the smart features of Kasa smart plug is the monitoring of the energy use of the socket. It tracks the energy used by you in the week or the month and sends you alerts on your mobile. You also get the details about the energy used so that you can keep track of your bills, but when you are alerted about the energy used, you can save your money by keeping the lights shut or cutting on to the energy bills. You can voice control of the plugs with Alexa, Siri, and Google assistants.

The Best Smart Plugs And Outlets For Your Home

GE Enbrighten Smart Outlet

GE Enbrighten smart outlet is the best solution for seamlessly connecting your home with the smart plugs. Although you need to hardwire the product with the house, GE smart outlet is fundamental in design and blends in any household. The outlet gets to pair with the mobile app, and you can control the device with the app. The remote accessibility of the outlet will simplify your life. The best feature of the smart outlet is that you can access all the devices connected with the outlet with your mobile app. So, it gets easy to control, program and shut down the plugs.

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