Hilarious Stories Of weird Things Parents Have Caught Their Kids Doing (I Would Have Been So Pissed At #5!)

There are weird things sometimes our kids do or say, and we can even explain them as a parent. Some things will even confuse you to the point of wondering whether you should just laugh or discipline your toddler.

Look Mom, “I’m A Browned Chicken.”

A little girl walking on a beach

“If my daughter finds out that I shared this story with you, then I’m a dead meat” When my daughter was still a young kid, she was a nudist. She loved to spend most of her time naked, especially at home. Even in public areas, she would care less about what people would say. She was very innocent and never saw anything wrong about it.

I remember there was this particular day when I happened to follow a trail of clothes to the kitchen through the back door. When I checked in through the window glass, I saw her on her birthday suit rolling comfortably in the content of baby powder which was in a big sized bottle. I then slowly opened the door and asked her what she was doing. To my surprise, she cheerfully responded, “mom! Look, I’m a browed chicken”. I closed the door behind me and left her there. I surely didn’t know what to say.

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